What is a Source?

In Caravel, you create a Source for each stream of conversations you want to track. While it’s not required that you have a single Source for each product, customer segment, or department, we highly recommend creating a Source for each unique source of conversations. You can still join these sources together in your feeds and having unique sources offers you more flexibility and granularity in analyzing your interactions and feedback.

Selecting your source type

When creating a Source, there are five types: Real-time, Webhook, CSV, Clipper, and Note.
Real-time utilize your connections to pull in historical and new data via direct integration
Webhook generates a unique URL that you can send data to from any app
CSV enables you to bulk upload spreadsheets of data you need analyzed
Clipper enables you to create different sources to clip web content to via Clipper.
Note is a simple open-text input available from Caravel's top bar. It's great for manually escalating feedback and testing.