Triggering Microsurveys

There are two options for triggering Microsurveys – when a button is clicked or automatically on page load.

Triggering by button click

To trigger a Microsurvey by button click, click Add event and select Button Click as the event type. In the input field, you can input any CSS selector query and on any page where that element is present, a click of the HTML element will result in a Microsurvey being triggered.
Alternatively, you can use HTML markup to tell Caravel that you want your button to popup a Microsurvey. Simply specify the data-trove-survey attribute on the button and pass in the survey ID as the value.
data-trove-survey="<your trove survey id>"
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Triggering on page visit

To auto-popup a Microsurvey, use the Page URL event type. Click Add event and select Page URL as the event type. In the input field you can input any string you want the URL to match for your Microsurvey to popup. To popup the survey on any page, you can leave this input blank or use the "/" value.
You can also have an option to set the delay, which is the number of seconds after page load you want to wait before popping up your Microsurvey.