Creating Real-Time Sources

Using Real-time Sources you can import data from your Connections for analysis, segment this data, analyze historical records, and configure real-time syncing.
To connect a real-time source, follow these steps:
  1. 1.
    Link a Connection
  2. 2.
    Define your source settings
  3. 3.
    (Optional) Define conditions to segment the data
  4. 4.
    Start the sync

Linking connections

The first step is to select the connection to use. If you've already used a connection in another source, don't worry! The beauty of sources is that you can repurpose connections in multiple sources creating different configurations to segment data from your connections!
If you haven't authenticate your connection yet, selecting the connection will redirect you to the authentication screen.

Defining settings

Once you've picked a connection simply define a Name and Description. The Name will appear in Your Feed Sources dropdown list so choose something meaningful.
Source names as they appear in the Sources filter in Your Feed

Configuring conditions

With sources, you can configure rules and conditions to filter the data that is pulled into your new Source. Depending on the Connection you selected, you will have different options available because these are properties that are pulled from the Connections API.
When you add a Condition to your source you can select between matching Any or All sets of Filters. If you Select Any, if a record meets any of the filters in the list it will be imported. Alternatively, if you select All, a record must match all of the defined filters in the list for it to be imported into the source.
Adding conditions to a real-time Zendesk source

Syncing data to your source

The final step in creating a source is to tell Caravel how to import it. Depending on the connection, you have a few options at your fingertips:
  • Import historical records - This is a sliding scale. If turned on, Caravel will work through your connections data history, starting with your most recent data and working backward to import records until it hits the limit you've defined.
  • Sync - turn this on to have Caravel to keep an eye out for new records from this source and instantly import them
  • Options
    • Redact sensitive information - Turn this option on and Caravel will predict any PII that may have slipped through open text and redact it for you.
Available options on the Sync step of creating a real-time source
Click Finish and your import will start
The time required for your initial import depends on the number of historical records you are importing – keep in mind Caravel is analyzing every piece of text for you in this process. Your Source will now be available from the Sources drop-down in Your Feed and as records are imported, they will be analyzed and organized here.