Automate Tagging in Front

Using Automations in Caravel you can automatically apply tags to conversations in Front so that you'll never need to read through hours of conversations and manually tag them again.
To start auto-tagging in Front, you'll need to do the following:
  • Create a Classifier to predict your tag
  • Create a Feed to monitor Front conversations for mentions of your tag
  • Create the tag in Front
  • Create an Automation to trigger tag actions in Front
We assume you've already gone through the steps of setting up your Front Connection and Syncing a Front Source.

Creating a Classifier to predict your tag

First, you'll need to create an AI Classifier in Caravel to predict mentions of your tag. For this walk through, we'll create a custom classifier that can predict mentions of delivery related issues.
Navigate to Classifiers in the main navigation and click New Classifier. Next, select Customize my own and choose Create Ensemble.
This is Caravel's Classifier builder. Start by giving your new Classifier a name. We'll call this one "Delivery Issue".
Click Continue.
Next, we'll add our labels. These are kind of like sub-categories if your Classifier name was the category. You can have multiple labels under one category, but for this use case, we'll only have one.
For the first label, we'll input Delivery Issue again, this time as the Label name.
Now we'll add a Rule with a few Conditions to define this label. We're going to use a prebuilt AI model called "Delivery" and we're only going to look at mentions this model picks up that are of a Negative or Very Negative sentiment.
To do this, click Add Rule. Select the Any dropdown and switch it to All. Then, add the following condition:
  • Classification is Delivery
Click Add Rule to add another rule. This time we'll leave it as Any and add the following conditions:
  • Sentiment is Very Negative
  • Sentiment is Negative
Your classifier is ready to use. There are other steps you can take to test and preview your classifiers results and analyze historical records. But these steps are not required.
When you're ready to move forward, click Create to save the classifier and begin using it.

Create a Feed to monitor Front conversations for mentions of your tag

Next, we'll create a Feed to monitor conversations for Delivery Issues. In the main navigation, click Your Feed.
From the Sources drop down, select the Front source that you want to monitor. Then, in the Classifiers drop down, select the Delivery Issue Classifier you just created. Ensure that only this classifier is selected.
Leave all the other Filters deselected and click Save Feed. Name your feed "Delivery Issues".
By saving a Feed you also get a real-report generated. Reports chart out sentiment, classifications, and mentions of topics over-time.

Create the tag in Front

Go to your Front account to create the Delivery Issue tag Caravel will use. Navigate to your company settings, and click Tags then Add Tag. Name it "Delivery Issue" and then click Create.

Create an Automation to trigger tag actions in Front

Almost there! The final step is to create an Automation in Caravel to trigger the tag action in Front when Delivery Issues are detected by your Classifier.
Navigate to Automations in Caravel's main nav. Click New Automation then Real-time.
Name your new automation "Tag Delivery Issues in Front". Toggle the Disabled option to enable your automation.
Next, add a trigger. Click + Trigger and select New Message Event. In the Feed dropdown, select the Delivery Issues Feed you created earlier.
Finally, click + Action and select Front. In the connector dropdown, select Front. In the resulting tag dropdown, select the Delivery Issue tag you just created in Front.
Click Create
You're all set! Give it a try to make sure everything is configured properly.
Anytime a conversation hits your inbox and it's a delivery related issue, the Delivery Issue tag will automatically be applied in Front.