Connecting to Front
Use our Front connector to sync Front conversations to Caravel, get insight into recurring themes and sentiment, and automate actions like tagging.
To get started, ensure that you have proper access within your Front account to use the API and to create team Rules.
First things first, we need to generate an API Token that Caravel can use to connect to Front. Sign into your Front account and navigate to Plugins & API in your company settings.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click New Token. Give it a name, select Shared Resources as the Scope, and click Create.
Click your newly created token and copy the value in the token field. You'll need this in the next step to connect Front to Caravel.
You can learn more about creating and managing Front tokens in their docs here.
Next, go to your Caravel account to create the Connection. Navigate to Connections in Caravel's main nav menu and select Connect on the Front option.
If you have already authenticated Front, this button will say Select instead. You can click Select to edit your connection.
In the resulting screen, input the unique Front token you just copied.
Click Save.
Now you're ready to sync your Front conversations into Sources! To get your conversations into Caravel, create a Source that tells Caravel which conversations to import.
Learn how to create a Front source here.
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