Connecting to Front

Use our Front connector to sync Front conversations to Caravel, get insight into recurring themes and sentiment, and automate actions like tagging.
First things first, make sure you have proper access within your Front account to use the API and to create team Rules.
You will need to sign into your Front account. Then within Caravel, navigate to Connections and click Connect on the Front Connector.
If you have already authenticated Front, this button will say Select instead. You can click Select to edit your connection.
This will take you to the authentication screen. Click Authenticate and you'll be redirected to Front to Authorize the connection to Caravel.
Click Authorize and you'll be redirected back to Caravel.
That's it! Now you're ready to sync your Front conversations into Sources! To get your conversations into Caravel, create a Source that tells Caravel which conversations to import.
Learn how to create a Front source here.