Custom Classifiers

Custom classifiers are text classifiers that you can teach. They show up the same as all other classifiers in your feeds, but the key difference is you can show them examples of your text to train them to predict custom topics and intents.

You create them by either clicking New Classifier in the Classifiers section or by simply clicking and highlight text in your feeds that you want to begin training a Classifier on.

Creating a Custom Classifier

Training on a set of pre-defined phrases

We provide datasets for you to get a head start on training a custom classifier

Selecting your classifier type

When creating a custom classifier, there are three types: Topic, Intent, and Redaction classifiers. This helps Caravel determine how to use your classifier when analyzing your text.

Topic Classifiers are used to determine what the conversation is about. For example, Product Design, Price, Fit, Ease of Use, Setup, and more.

Intent Classifiers are best used to determine what a speaker is trying to accomplish. For example, Book a Demo, Request a Call, File a Complaint, Report a Bug, Make a Return, and more.

Redaction Classifiers are used to ignore or filter out text. Use these to define text that you want to filter out of your feeds like logs, email signatures, automated responses, metadata, and more.

Types selection step when creating a custom classifier