What is an Automation?

Automations enable you to share insights from Caravel with the apps your teams use and automate workflows. They can be used to do everything from auomatically escallating issues in Jira to collecting feature requests into spreadhseets, alerting teams in Slack, and creating real-time reports in Looker, Tableau, and other BI tools.
Caravel currently offers two types of automations: Real-time and Historical.

Real-time Automations

With Real-time Automations you can trigger alerts in your apps, write a row in a database, or call a function everytime a new messages comes into a feed you need to watch.

Historical Automations

With Historical Automations you can bulk analyze historical data and write it out to an external app or database all at once. This is helpful if you need to sync historical conversations in a feed with a database, spreadsheet, or Airtable base.